What do we know about roaming?

How many times during travelling abroad have you faced anxiety about not knowing the limits of your roaming service? In today‘s world, mobile data is just about as important as everything else. Roaming is a great service that allows us to perform our routine mobile tasks, but when it comes to the end-of-month billing, suddenly the world goes upside down. The amounts that we see from our mobile operator‘s sent invoice often vastly exceed our expectations of how much roaming services can cost. Moreover, when we travel around the world we rarely think about our data safety or which countries are “friendliest“ for mobile hackers, hence we easily put ourselves at risk.

So what roaming really is and how does it work? How to use roaming without giving all your savings and at the same time have ensured data security?

Various sources describe roaming as a data service which is provided over a mobile connection when the user moves outside the mobile operator’s service area. Each time you go abroad with active mobile data roaming, your network operator supports you with mobile data through agreements with local carriers. Your telecommunication provider has different agreements with operators of each country, so the end-user is always charged according to the special terms of these agreements between operators. This is one of the main reasons people always have problems knowing their roaming data rates and limits.

However, pricing is definitely not the only issue when talking about roaming services. Data security is also one of the greatest threats to mobile users on a worldwide level. Regular SIM cards and network operators often do not provide the necessary safety, so a lot of cases emerge when mobile operators servers get hacked and user data is simply stolen. When the mobile signal is travelling through a public GSM communication system from a regular SIM card, a unique cell code can be easily deciphered simply by locating a specific telephone number in the system. This is especially relevant in roaming cases since the connection goes through more than one mobile carrier and therefore the risk of data leakage is even greater.

And how do you protect from all this? How to be sure about the roaming limits and safety of your personal information? Luckily, there is a solution. Only an encrypted SIM card with an untraceable connection can lead to high-level data safety in today’s digital world. The Secure Sims SIM card is not only a much simpler tool for roaming services but also an encrypted solution for your data safety. Why encrypted? Because the outgoing signal from the Secure Sims SIM card is instantly intercepted and redirected to one of the secure lines that offer an untraceable connection. Then, only after going through a variety of encryption systems, the call is made to the original recipient. Using this technology, it is virtually impossible to obtain any billing or other information from the service provider. Moreover, all Secure Sims SIM cards are pre-paid which means that all mobile data is received in advance to ensure maximum safety for mobile users. Just choose your limits, select your mobile service plan and enjoy the benefits of an untraceable connection and unlimited worldwide roaming.