A sim card offering full privacy & protection. 100% UNTRACEABLE.

Our sim cards are available on a 3 and 6-month plan, no registration is required, we do not take any personal details from you nor do we store any payment details. Sims are renewable. If you lose the sim we’ll replace it. Secure Sims – an unbeatable sim backed with unbeatable customer service.

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How does it all work?

Use your extra featured Secure Sims SIM card just as simple as your regular SIM card. Here‘s a breakdown of how to access any of the card‘s functions:

1. Make or receive secure calls.
2. The call command reaches our automated servers through a secure USSD channel.
3. Our servers instantly substitute your voice, encrypt your number and secure your location.
4. Continue the call through a private, secure channel.
5. After the call has ended, your interlocutor is left with the randomly generated number in his/her call log.