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We respect our customers’ privacy needs, thus we’ve created one of the safest, easiest and encrypted SIM cards on the planet. Our Secure SIM card offers more protection and anonymity than any other SIM provider. You don‘t have to do anything complex in order to ensure your safety. Simply start a call like with any other SIM card. No additional actions required. Enter the world with free communication and unlimited possibilities.


Encyrpted sim cards are 100% legal

The Secure Sims SIM card is absolutely legal around the world, so you won‘t have to feel bad about using it. Our service was established to protect user rights, not to support illegal actions. Everything that is done through the Secure Sims service remains under the full responsibility of a user.

The threat is real.

Sent a text message today, phoned a friend, shared private and confidential information on a call? Now, ask yourself how would you feel knowing someone was listening in to that conversation or reading that private SMS? Phone hacking is real, you won’t even know it’s happening to you. A portal in for hackers is the standard SIM in your phone. Secure Sims eliminates all the risk with our state of the art encrypted SIM cards.

Secure Sim Capabilities

Private calls

With a regular SIM card all your calls are encrypted with a simplified algorithm. Secure Sims gives extra protection to the conversations that are sent out from your phone by encoding them in a world class A5/1 algorithm.

Unlimited Calls

Don‘t be restricted by telecommunication costs in different world countries. We have included unlimited, location-independent calls into the base price for your comfort. Stay connected any time, any place.

Disabled Location

Get advantage from one of the main Secure Sims features. The randomly generated safe number does not allow to trace the location or IMEI. Keep your location private without even the smallest possibility of being spotted.


The Secure Sims SIM card can not be traced even by the police, who have been known to use devices such as an IMSI catcher to locate and track you. Complete security and anonymity.

Voice Substitution

Today‘s modern voice recognition software can reveal a persons ID in a split of a second. Keep yourself protected by using Secure Sim‘s smart voice substitution which will transform your speaking voice in real-time.

Any phone/network

Our Secure Sims SIM cards work on any type of  mobile device from old Nokia phones to the latest smartphones, iPhones and Androids. Connect on any network in any country.

Free Roaming

In today’s world, mobile internet is just as important as everything else. By understanding this, we provide safe worldwide roaming so you could relax and wouldn’t need to think about expenses in foreign countries.


Force Encryption prevents your SIM-card from lowering the level of encryption. All your conversations, message and internet activity are encrypted using the world-class A5/1 superior encryption algorithm.

Unrivalled knowledge

In today’s digital world data security becomes a major factor in protecting our privacy from various threats. Information leakage now affects not only public authorities but also individuals, so the more mobile devices we use, the more vulnerable we get. Unfortunately, not many of us are familiar with potential threats or take them seriously enough. To offer world-class SIM card privacy solutions for our customers we have to know each and every weak spot of the GSM network.

Below we list some of the most commonly encountered GSM weak spots through which any personal or state-owned information can be easily reached by a third party.

GSM network support systems

You think that your government’s security systems are unbreachable? In fact, they are one of the main exploits for mobile tracking systems due to errors and inconsistencies in the official code. Top-level officers are also usually at high risk because they are the carriers of secret government information.

Mobile service network providers

The world has already seen cases with unfair mobile service and network providers leaking sensitive data of their customers. Lack of responsibility often leads to unprotected user data which can easily be seized by a third party.

Operating systems data security

Even the newest handset models and their operating systems often fail to provide full data security. Phone manufacturers and operating system providers are often unable to protect their software codes properly, therefore errors can be used to access their database.

Interception of the radio signal

Unencrypted radio signals can be intercepted with ease. There are many known radio signal interception techniques like active/passive interception that can also identify the voice of a speaker. A Secure Sims SIM card eliminates this risk.

A name you can trust.

In our business reputation is everything. Our service is entirely based on mutual trust, therefore our experienced team work around the clock to keep everything in check.

It is important to mention that unlike regular GSM providers we don‘t sign any contracts or ask for personal data. This way we ensure that none of our client’s personal information will be passed to third parties.

All of our SIM cards are pre-paid which means that we receive mobile data in advance to ensure maximum safety for our clients. Keeping you private includes keeping you private from us as well.

Secure sims.
even by the police.
Complete anonymity.