Can Complete Handset Privacy Be Achieved Today?

Are you worried about the calls, texts, and internet activity from your handset being tracked? Ever since the ‘Snoopers Charter’, officially known as the Investigatory Powers Bill, was first introduced by the UK government, an increasing number of innocent civilians have been subject to having their smartphone activity scrutinised. According to new UK laws, your phone or home internet provider is now legally required to provide details of your phone and internet activity to almost fifty different organisations if requested, from the Ministry of Defence to the National Health Service. Communications providers are legally required to store ICRs on their customers for up to twelve months and hand them over on request. In addition, companies such as Facebook can collect data on their customers using their phone for marketing purposes. If you don’t want any information about you to be revealed, how can you stay private today?

Encrypted Calls

When you’re making an important call to somebody, you might not want the call to be able to be traced, or even for your number to be revealed. Whilst most modern handsets will give you the option to withhold your number, this is only withheld from the person on the other end of the line, and your call will still be traceable and will show up in your billing records.

Click here for more information on the Secure Sims SIM card, which is completely private and anonymous. When you sign up for a SIM card from Secure Sims, they will not hold any data on you – even your communications provider will have no idea who you are, so they will be unable to hand over any information on you. Your number will also be substituted for a fake one, so that anybody you call will not have access to your real contact number, allowing you to choose who and who not to give it out to.

Voice Substitution

Secure Sims SIM cards are also impossible to trace through voice recognition. Even if your call were to be tapped into, your voice recordings will be substituted, so that even if somebody who knows you is listening to the call, they will be unable to recognise your voice. Your voice will be instantly substituted by the servers as soon as your call is connected, which will also make it impossible for voice recognition software to pick up on your call and determine who is making it. Along with this, all calls that you make from your Secure Sims SIM card will be made through a secure and private channel, adding an extra layer of security as opposed to a regular call from one of the UK’s most popular phone communications providers.

Go Off the Grid

Today, it’s easier than ever to track somebody’s location, simply by looking at the last call they made. Using the right software, anybody can look at your latest phone records and determine exactly where you were located when you made the call. If you are making or receiving a call and want it to be untraceable, it’s as easy as adding a specific code before dialling or receiving when using your Secure Sims SIM card, and to anybody else, it will be just as if your call never happened. Since you will be able to hide your real number when you make or take a call, your location will be impossible to trace.

Encrypted Messages and IMEI Hiding:

It’s not just called that can be traced or monitored, though. Don’t forget that when you use your phone, your messages and internet usage can also be subject to scrutiny. When you’re using an encrypted Secure Sims SIM card, you can enjoy military-grade double-data encryption which is used to code your messages. Secure Sims also offer a safe and reliable internet connection as part of their package; this is securely encrypted and uses IMEI/IMSI hiding to keep you, your identity and your location private.

There are many reasons why you might want to stay private and anonymous when using your handset! Secure Sims can help you to achieve this.